Resource and competence enrichment
Faster to the benefit


Design and research

For our customers in various industrial areas we develop and design sophisticated machines and manufacturing equipment. For the design we apply the following software:

CAD: AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks
ERP: Navision, SAP, FactWork

With advanced methods and communication tools we apply target-oriented and optimized project and team work. Thanks to our services our customers accelerate their order processing and their R&D-projects.

Prototype manufacturing and assembly

For urgent and short-term projects we also manufacture and assembly the designed components and machines for our customers. Our flexibility, supplier network and assembly competence ensures short overall processing time.
When it becomes complex and exceptional we produce prototypes and do the startup for our customers. Thanks to decades of experience in machine startup phases we have the knowhow to get new developments and advanced technologies working and ready for serial production.

Project management

Our customers benefit from our long period experience in project management with customers and partners all over the world. We enable our partners to reach their advanced goals, especially in R&D, order processing, organization, sales and marketing.

Our customers are worldwide trading and acting enterprises as well as companies needing special knowledge and resources.